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The Division of Property, Assets & Debts During Divorce

Robert Lueck's vast knowledge and experience with the governing laws and financial issues that effect the settlement terms of a divorce can help you avoid long term conflicts while obtaining a fair and just seperation without incurring exhorbitant legal fees that can consume the very assets you are trying to preserve.

Nevada is a community property state and state law generally governs how assests and debts are shared in a divorce. There are many exceptions to community property laws and an experienced lawyer's guidance is necessary to help divorcing parties understand how assests and debts can be divided.

Parties can voluntarily decide how to divide property, assets and debt obligations. This is the most common way divorces are settled. However, when terms cannot be reached quickly or amicably a skilled and experienced attorney can help both parties reach a reasonable compromise through effective negotiations.

Financial issues relevant to divorce include tax liabilities, child support, spousal support, the payment of legal fees and court fees and the settlement of debts associated with the marriage. Again, the guiding hand of an experienced and skilled attorney can help both parties formulate this element of the divorce process and facilitate an equitable and expediant final divorce decree.

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