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Divorce Arising From Domestic Violence, Addiction, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Issues
Unfortunately, the need for a divorce can arise due to addiction or disease. In these types of cases, and especially in situations where the custody of children is involved, it is essential to provide the Family Court with documented evidence of past and present abuse and criminal activity to demonstrate ongoing patterns of destructive behaviour and for the court to then make appropriate rulings to protect the interests and welfare of you and your children.

A knowledgeable attorney can uncover evidence through judicial orders and subpeonas to discover medical histories, pharmacy records, criminal histories and even petition the courts to uncover sealed prior convictions and arrest records. Evidence of illness, abuse and/or addiction can then be used to address several divorce related matters including child welfare concerns.

Temporary Orders
Temporary court orders, including restraining orders, can be obtained to restrict contact and communication between parties, address child welfare concerns, provide financial support and determine housing and accomodation arrangements during the early stages of the divorce process.

Causes For High Conflict Divorces
Many serious marital problems are caused by untreated addiction and psychological disorders that may also cause secondary behavior problems. An underlying psycological issue can be exacerbated by alcohol or drugs and then lead to domestic violence or other acts of criminal behavior. Once ongoing and unresolved behavior problems represent a danger to the physical, emotional and financial security of spouses and children, a marriage may no longer be able to continue and divorce may be the only option available.

Mental Health
Clinical Depression
Bi-Polar Disorder
Personality Disorders

Recreational Drugs
Perscription Drugs

Domestic Violence
Physical Abuse
Verbal Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Child Abuse / Neglect

Serious Representation For Serious Matters
Robert Lueck understands that these types of divorces are amongst the most sensitive and serious cases heard in Family Court and offers diligent, determined legal representation to help you protect your interests and use the divorce process to end the cycle of abuse.

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