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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services

Low Cost, Low Conflict Alternatives to Traditionally Litigated Divorces
While serving as a Family Court Judge Robert Lueck identified the important need for alternative methods of settling divorces outside of the over-crowded and over-burdened court system that characterizes the Family Court in Las Vegas. He also recognized that the adverserial system of our courts is not the ideal, most condusive setting for settling domestic and family legal issues.

He has since committed his career and his practice to the development of several methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution services that seek to offer Nevada's families an opportunity to escape the high-cost, high-conflict traditional court managed divorce process.

Arbitrator, Mediator and Attorney Representation Services
Robert Lueck provides legal services as both a highly trained and experienced Arbitrator and Mediator as well as advocacy services for individual clients seeking qualified attorney representation for mediated and arbitrated divorces in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada.

Considering The Needs Of Children- The Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution
Children of divorce may suffer the most while having the least ability to cope with personal distress. Unfortunately, children are too often used as pawns and can experience enormous levels of stress when the comfort of their nuclear family is dissolved.

As conflict can easily escalate and overtake divorce proceedings, children are frequently left vulnerable and without a voice. From educational difficulties to personal relationship issues, the psychological damage from a conflict ridden divorce can affect children for the remainder of their lives.

Robert Lueck offers several ADR alternatives that keep the needs of children at the forefront of all divorce related matters and with the Collaborative Divorce process also provides both you and your children with emotional and psychological support to survive the significant effects of a family's seperation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs

Divorce Arbitration
Arbitrated divorces offer both parties a cost-effective method of divorce outside of the courtroom with oversight by the Family Court. Robert W. Lueck offers unparalleled knowledge of Family Law and ADR practices with over 10 years of experience as an Arbitrator.

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Divorce Mediation
Mediated divorces also allow for efficient divorces outside of courtrooms. They also minimize cost and stress to help parties reach sustainable settlement agreements. Robert Lueck has developed an effective method of mediating divorces that promotes communication and keeps the needs of children at the forefront of all negotiations.

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Collaborative Divorce
Collaborative Divorce represents a revolutionary approach to family law and represents a major departure from traditional methods of divorce by addressing the significant impact of divorce on personal health and financial matters, while addressing the needs of children during the divorce process.

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Early Neutral Evaluation
The latest development in Family Law ADR practices. Early Neutral Evaluation with an informal mediation conference offers an opportunity to settle divorce cases in the fastest, most cost-effective manner possible.

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