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A Published Author & Recognized Authority on Alternative Dispute Resolution Divorces
Robert Lueck is dedicated to the development and implementation of ADR family law legislation, policies & practices. He is an authority who is called upon by state legislatures and the legal community to provide expert opinions and testimony on all matters facing Nevada's family courts. He has also been instrumental in the development and implementation of ADR divorce legislation in the U.S. and abroad.

Divorce Arbitration

Approved by the Family Court, hearings are held in private and are less stressful and expensive than traditional divorces.

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Divorce Mediation

A cost effective way to dissolve a marriage and minimize conflict by settling disputes in a less formal setting than a courtroom.

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Collaborative Divorce

A revolutionary approach to divorce that provides parties with professional legal, emotional & financial advisor support.

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Considering The Needs Of Children- The Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution
Children of divorce may suffer the most while having the least ability to cope with personal distress. Unfortunately, children are too often used as pawns and can experience enormous levels of stress when the comfort of their nuclear family is dissolved.

As conflict can easily escalate and overtake divorce proceedings, children are frequently left vulnerable and without a voice. From educational difficulties to personal relationship issues, the psychological damage from a conflict ridden divorce can affect children for the remainder of their lives.

Robert Lueck offers several ADR alternatives that keep the needs of children at the forefront of all divorce related matters and with the Collaborative Divorce process also provides both you and your children with emotional and psychological support to survive the significant effects of a family's seperation.

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