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Alimony / Spousal Support In Nevada

Alimony or spousal support can be petitioned for by either spouse in a divorce proceeding. Unlike child support, there is no statute that formally determines the amount or types of alimony that must be paid in a divorce. An attorney can argue for the most appropropriate alimony award based on your individual circumstances. Factors that can determine alimony awards include age, income levels, health, medical expenses, the length of the marriage and a party's ability to pay awards.

Child support arrangements and pre-existing prenuptial agreements can also effect the award of alimony. Occasionally it is necessary to challenge the validity of prenuptial agreements during the divorce process to obtain fair and just spousal support.

Robert Lueck utilizes his vast experience, both as a Family Court Judge and as a trial attorney, to analyze your case, thoroughly discover and evaluate the relevant facts and evidence and then present your case before the court to argue for a lawfully appropriate alimony award.

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