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Diligent, Determined Attorney Representation For Contested Divorce Cases
The handling of a divorce should ideally be managed in a manner which minimizes conflicts and is conducive to peaceful resolutions and sustainable settlement agreements. Robert Lueck believes it is in the best interest of his clients to offer the least contentious divorce process that is acceptable to both parties and is likely to be successful. In some cases an Alternative Dispute Resolution based divorce may be the most approriate and cost-effective way to settle disputes and dissolve a marriage.

However, sometimes conflict is unavoidable due to insurmountable personality conflicts or underlying pathology issues. Conflict can also be perpetuated by the opposing side and their legal team. In both cases it is essential to have an experienced, knowledgable attorney acting on your behalf that can provide the court with relevant facts and strive to expedite the divorce process through seasoned negotiating skills that promote communication and compromise.

Effective Trial Representation Through Research and Preparation
The primary job of an attorney in Family Court is to provide the court with the facts and evidence that will determine the final structure of a divorce so that the court may make the appropriate rulings regarding spousal support, the division of debts and assets and child custody and support issues. This requires comprehensive knowledge of the laws that are applicable to a client's individual case and unique set of circumstances.

The experienced guiding hand of a qualified attorney will also help identify the issues facing his client, address deficiencies in their case and inform them of their rights and obligations under the law.

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