Alternative Dispute Resolution
Divorce Mediation- Attorney & Mediator Services

The Benefits Of A Mediated Divorce

• A Non-Litigated No Court Divorce
• Save Thousands in Legal Fees
• No Court Imposed Time Constraints
• Offers More Control of Your Divorce Settlement
• Less Stress & Expense Than Traditional Methods
• An Effective Method of Resolution for Other Domestic & Civil Disputes

What Is A Mediated Divorce?
An alternative to a traditionally litigated divorce proceeding is a mediated divorce. Like an arbitrated divorce, Mediation can be a cost effective way to dissolve a marriage and minimize conflict by settling areas of contention and dispute in a less formal setting than a courtroom with strict rules of presenting evidence and testimony. Mediated divorces are typically 60% to 90% cheaper than traditionally litigated court divorces.

A Mediator is mutually selected and agreed upon to hear a case, consider evidence and all relevant issues and then propose a settlement. All factors from child custody and spousal support to the division of community property and taxation issues are considered and the facts are provided to both parties when making decisions about the practical terms of a divorce.

The mediation process is voluntary and requires mutual consent from both parties in a divorce. Mediation is non-binding and hearings are held in private outside of the courts at times that are convenient to all parties and their counsel, you do not have to conform to the court's schedule and the time contraints. Mediator's fees and expenses are negotiable and are shared between the parties.

Considering The Needs Of Children
The needs of your children are considered at all times during the mediation process and parenting plans are developed jointly between by both parents. The divorce of parents can be the most stressful time in a child's entire life and can leave permanent and substantial harm.

The mediation process provides a low-conflict, low-pressure environment that allows both parties to carefully considers the long-term consequences of decisions that will effect children.

Mediator and Attorney Representation Services
Robert Lueck provides legal services as both a highly trained and experienced Mediator as well as advocacy services for individual clients seeking qualified attorney representation for mediated divorces in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada.

The Importance Of Selecting The Right Mediator
Over the past decade Robert W. Lueck has developed a method of mediating divorce cases that promotes compromise and communication between both parties. As a nuetral party a good mediator illicits relevant facts that can help both parties resolve conflicts and resolve differences in aid of reaching settlement terms that both parties can live with comfortably.

When selecting a Mediator it is also essential to choose someone with a complete grasp and working knowledge of governing laws, as well as relevant issues and legal precedents, to achieve sustainable settlements. Robert W. Lueck has been hearing divorce cases as a mediator since 2005 and was a sitting Family Court Judge from 1999 to 2004. As a recognized authority on Family Law and ADR practices, Robert Lueck has demonstarted the competency and decision making to produce divorce settlements that are legally sound as well as considerate of each family's needs going forward into the future.

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