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Child Support In Nevada

For divorce cases that involve children nothing should be more important than the welfare of children and no other element of a divorce can have as many far reaching consequences. Robert Lueck believes thorough preparation and presentation of relevant child custody and support matters are the most important part of a family law attorney's job and are essential for the courts to make appropriate rulings on behalf of his clients.

32 years of trial experience and 6 years of judical experience as a family court judge has provided Robert Lueck with vast first hand experience of the workings of Las Vegas' Family Court and comprehensive knowledge of the evolving laws that govern the practice of family law in Nevada.

Child Support
Nevada law establishes child support guidelines that employ the "percentage of gross monthly income" approach. The amount of child support depends upon the type of child custody (legal/physical), the relative income of the parties, medical insurance and expenses and a variety of other factors. Child support issues become more complex with joint physical custody, split child custody, blended families and subsequent marriage cases. Experienced legal representation is crucial for the courts to have adequate knowledge of the facts when making fair and appropriate rulings on child support orders.

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